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City of Porter, Minnesota Ordinances










The City Council of the City of Porter, Minnesota, hereby ordains:


Section 1. All fees and charges in effect as of the date of the adoption of the city code for the city shall remain in effect unless otherwise modified by the provisions of this ordinance.  All citations below are to various sections of the city code unless otherwise indicated. Rates are pursuant to changes by resolution of the City Council when deemed necessary.


Section 2.  The following are the fees and charges for the permits, licenses and services listed below which are referenced to the section of the city code which authorizes their establishment:


1.       The monthly charge for the collection, removal and disposal of garbage and trash from residences and businesses within the corporate limits of the city, pursuant to § 50.08(A), shall be $15.35 for 35 gallon,$18.61 for 65 gallon, and $21.37 for 95 gallon.  Payments shall be billed monthly.


2.       The charge for reinstating utility service and the turn-on charge, pursuant to § 50.08(C)(3), shall be $50.00.


3.       The fee for making service connections, pursuant to § 51.064(D), shall be a one time fee that shall be determined by resolution of the city council.


4.       The sewer service rates and charges to users of the wastewater treatment facility pursuant to §§ 51.113 and 51.114 shall be monthly payments of $16.20 for residential users and $21.60 for business users.


5.       The connection fee pursuant to §§ 51.113 and 51.114 shall be $900.00.


6.       The turn-on charge for sewer service, pursuant to § 51.117(C), shall be $50.00.


7.       The charge for not connecting to the municipal water system when it becomes available pursuant to § 52.06(B) shall be $0.00.


8.       The fee for a permit for the installation of an air conditioning system to the public water system pursuant to § 52.07(B) shall be $0.00.


9.       The rental charge for each day for use of a fire hydrant pursuant to § 52.08(A)(4) shall be determined by resolution of the city council. The fee for each 1,000 gallons of water used from a fire hydrant pursuant to § 52.08(A)(4) shall be as determined by resolution of the city council.


10.    The fee for the disconnection permit pursuant to § 52.29 shall be $0.00.


11.    The fee for the application to connect to the existing water service leads pursuant to § 52.33(B)(1) shall be $0.00.


12.    The connection charge to contribute to the payment of the costs of the Public Water System Facilities pursuant to § 52.33(B)(3) shall be $900.00.


13.    The fee to be collected before service is recommenced pursuant to § 52.33(B)(4) shall be $50.00. 


14.    The charge to a person who desires to connect to the water system and service a parcel that has not been assessed for the cost of water main and lateral construction pursuant to § 52.33(B)(5) shall be the amount that could have been assessed against the persons property at the time the prior assessments were made.


15.    The schedule of rates, fees and charges for permits or services pursuant to § 52.51 shall be as provided in this fee ordinance.        


16.    The rate due and payable for each user for the first 2,000 gallons of water taken during a monthly period from the water system pursuant to § 52.53(A) shall be monthly payments of $21.86 for residential users and $30.05 for business users. Each additional 1,000 gallons shall be billed at $3.15 per 1,000 gallon increment.


17.    The fee for license for a person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of altering, repairing, installing or constructing municipal water connections within the city who is not a master plumber pursuant to § 52.70(C) shall be $0.00.           


18.    The parade permit fee pursuant to § 70.22(D) shall be $0.00                   


19.    The fee for a delay penalty pursuant to § 93.22(C) shall be $0.00.


20.    The fee for a permit application pursuant to § 93.23(B)(1) shall be $0.00.


21.    The fee for a franchise fee pursuant to § 93.23(B)(4) shall be $0.00.      


22.    The fee for an excavation permit pursuant to § 93.25(A) shall be $0.00.


23.    The fee for an obstruction permit pursuant to § 93.25(B) shall be $0.00.


24.    The fee for a degradation fee pursuant to § 93.26(F) shall be determined by resolution of the city council on a case by case basis in order to recover all costs with right-of-way restoration.


25.    The fee for an annual license for bowling, billiards and pool pursuant to § 111.01 shall be $0.00.


26.    The fee for a license for circuses, carnivals, shows and other entertainment pursuant to § 111.02 (A)(1) shall be $0.00.


27.    The fee for a license for public or street dances pursuant to § 111.02 (A)(3) shall be shall be determined by resolution of the city council.


28.    The fee for a license for public entertainment or exhibitions pursuant to § 111.04 shall be $0.00.


29.    The fee for liquor licenses pursuant to § 112.23 (B) shall be $1,200 annually for an on-sale/off-sale intoxicating liquor license and an additional $100.00 annually to add Sunday Liquor sales license for on-sale/off-sale.


30.    The fee for a license as a peddler or a transient merchant pursuant to § 113.03(D) shall be $0.00.     


31.  The license fee to operate a business that offers tattooing or body piercing services pursuant to § 114.03(A) shall be determined by resolution of the city council.   


32.  The fees for a zoning permit pursuant to § 150.227 (E) shall be $10.00.


33.  The fees to be paid for an amendment to this Ordinance, rezoning, a variance, special Planning Commission meeting, Planned Unit Development or conditional use permit pursuant to § 150.228 (B) shall be $25.00. The petitioning party shall be responsible and shall pay for all legal fees associated with the permit prior to it being issued.

34. Private use of public streets. Subject to the city council’s approval of a request to utilize a public street for private use, rent will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour, per city block of the street being closed to thru traffic. Exemptions to the rental charge for use of the streets for town celebrations, the Porter Market Day Sale, and other events granted an exemption by the city council that are seen to provide benefit to the general public. The renter shall accept all liabilities in the use of the street and provide to the City of Porter proof of liability insurance prior to the street closure.




APPROVED:     Donald Verschelde, MAYOR

ATTEST:            Kim Jelen, CITY CLERK


Revised by resolution of the City Council this 7th Day of August 2023.

Approved: Donald Verschelde, Mayor

Attest: Kim Jelen, Clerk

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