Welcome to Porter, Minnesota

Since its founding in 1881, Porter has been a small town with big ambitions, a place its residents are proud to call home! The goal of your local government is to utilize our website to communication and maintain transparency with citizens and promote our community and all that it offers to visitors.

In the know...

Special City Council Meeting - November 14

The City Council will be meeting on Monday, November 14 at 6:00 pm in the City Council Meeting Room at the Porter Fire Hall. The purpose of this meeting will be to canvas the results from the 2022 General Election. No other business will be conducted at this meeting.

City Sewer System Smoke Testing

The Porter sewer system will undergo smoke testing beginning at 8:00 am on Tuesday, November 15.


The purpose of this test is to identify any issues that might exist in the sewer system, as well as the sewer systems in structures throughout the community. Smoke testing allows for staff to identify areas where the sewer lines are leaking below the surface, or at the surface, and allowing water infiltration to occur, which can overwhelm the city sewer system. For property owners, the test will indicate if any potential sewer leaks exist in your property or structure that could result in sometimes toxic sewer fumes to be emitted.

Public Notice - Sewer Smoke Testing

Property Available for Development

The City of Porter is offering two residential properties that are shovel-ready for development. The properties can be purchased individuals as quarter-acre lots, or as a single half-acre lot. These properties are located just half a block from the park and are an ideal location to raise your family, or spend your retirement!

As an added bonus, the City of Porter is offering a rebate program if a home is built on these properties within one year of purchase. The rebates offered may refund you for up to the full purchase price of the property purchased!

More details are available on the Make Porter Home page.