Porter's Harvest Festival is the town's premier highlight after the auction. People have been drawn in to Porter for many years to take in the softball tournaments and the tractor pull, but in the past few years events such as a flea market, dances, whopper feed and ice cream social have added to the entertainment. The list has continued to grow and change through out the last few years drawing more and more people to town and adding to the fun. The Harvest Festival is now striving to make the celebration a fun time for every one, from kids all the way to senior citizens.

Harvest Festival 2016

Harvest Festival 2012

Harvest Festival 2010

There's Something For Everyone! - Porter Harvest Festival 2003

Come and Join the Fun - Porter Harvest Festival 2001

Hauling in the New Millennium - Porter Harvest Festival 2000 

The Last Harvest Festival of the Millennium - Porter Harvest Festival 1999


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