Harvest Fest '99 - A Complete Sucess!!

UH OH! Someone thought if she worked when the committee got their picture taken she wouldn't be in it, but here she is, Norma Johnson, another member of the 1999 Harvest Festival Committee.


The 1999Harvest Festival opened by honoring our nation, with help from the American Legion, and Shawn Jackson, who sang the Star Spangled Banner in the park Friday Evening.


1999 brought forth a new tradition to the Porter Harvest Festival. This was the first year that a King and Queen reigned over the festival. Applications were filled out by residents and the King and Queen were chosen through the applications.

1999's King was Ervin Esping, a life-long resident of Porter. Ervin is very active in the community through March of Dimes , which he has taken part in for many, many years, and his role in the Porter Development Committee, to name a few.

1999's Queen was Clarice Ningen, who is also a life-long citizen of Porter. Clarice is also a very active member of the Porter community. She is known as the "Quilt Lady" and has been featured on Minnesota 9 News for her work on childrens' quilts. Clarice has also been in charge of sounding the town's Six-O'clock siren for many years.


What would the Harvest Festival be without the good old Softball Games? Once again the Festival was kicked off with the North vs. South Old-Timers Softball Game. This year also brought the largest Softball tournament held in Porter, where 12 teams battled through Saturday and Sunday from the break of dawn till the last sign of the sun disappeared at night.

Softball Results


Porter has hosted a flea market for many years during the Harvest Festival, but never one comparable to 1999. Porter Hall was filled with booths in and outside the building. Over-all there were fifteen vendors from a one-hundred mile radius of Porter. The committee was very proud of this year's Flea Market, and hopes for an even better turn out next year.


A Threshing Bee was held on Saturday and Sunday and hundreds of spectators took in on how things used to be.

The tractor pull was switched to Sunday allowing more entries and far more spectators than years in the past.

Jule Jacobson and his 12 and a half  foot corn stalk and also the largest ear of corn!

Queen Clarice and King Ervin make their appearance at the Flea Market Saturday morning.

There was plenty to do for the kids; there were lots of games, and lots of prizes on Saturday afternoon.

Click here for a listing of all of the events that took place at the Porter Harvest Festival.

A bunch of thanks to:

The Following Businesses and Organizations:

The Porter Harvest Festival Committee

Porter Fire Department

The City of Porter

SMI and Hydraulics

Arlene's Cafe

Cut Loose Lounge

Yellow Medicine County Sheriffs Department

Yellow Medicine County Highway Department

Bethel Lutheran Church

Porter American Legion


Curt Anderson

Jim Pridal

Rosie Nomeland

Jerry Thomsen

Gail Kruise

Shawn Jackson

Mildred Schoneman

Kevin Streff

Mike Kern

Mary Wente

Darren Struck

Hank and Arlene Jerzak

John Noyes

Dick Reignier

Rev. Paul and Sarah Lutter

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