The History of Emmett Joseph Culligan in Porter, Minnesota

Emmett J. Culligan

Emmett J. Culligan

Did you know that the first Culligan Water softener was built in Porter, Minnesota?

Emmett J. Culligan is the founder and inventor of the Culligan Water Softening Company, now known as Culligan International. Mr. Culligan spent his life during the 1930's living on his estate on the Northeast side of Porter, during which time the town was experiencing great development. The Culligan Manor stood as a great landmark in Porter, known as one of the grandest homes of its time. Unfortunately Porter lost this landmark during one of the worst blizzards of the horrid winter of 1969, when the house burned to the ground, as firemen could do nothing to get through the monstrous snow drifts to get to it.




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