Every year since Porter's early days, when the snow begins to melt, farmers get ready to bring machinery into town to be auctioned off. Farmers and townspeople from far and wide have always swamped Porter to try and sell things they don't need, and see if they can get a hold of that special thing they've been seeking for so long. Every year the Market Day seems to attract more people and more consignments. Market day causes Porter's population to be 20 times greater than any other day. How's that for population explosion.

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A bird's eye view of Machine Alley on April 9, 1994

One of the three machine lanes, each containing two rows over 300 feet long. that's 1,800 feet of machinery alone! This photo was taken during the record breaking Porter Auction on April 9, 1994. Over 1,100 people were registered, the actual attendance is about 4 times that number. The 1994 auction had the biggest attendance since the annual Market Day resumed after World War II.

A look at part of the crowd on machine alley during the 1997 Auction, April 19, 1997.

In 1998 things had to change. Industry had taken over machinery alley and caused relocation of the grounds. Machinery was scattered where ever it could be placed, but that didn't prevent another record breaking year for attendance and consignments. On the left you see a crowd at the scattered machine area. On the right is the household items, only road construction can move this location.

Market Day dates can be found in the community calendar.

Market Day 1999

Market Day 2000. - Every one was so busy trying to keep up with the large crowd that we did not have a chance to take pictures. Congratulations to every one that helped out with the auction in every way.

Market Day 2001

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